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    From Poo to Pumpkins!

    8th Sep 2023

    Noah's Ark celebrates 'Jumbo' elephant grown pumpkin crop!

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    International Vulture Awareness Day

    2nd Sep 2023

    Noah’s Ark Celebrates International Vulture Awareness Day!

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    Noah's Ark Somerset Safari Event

    20th Jul 2023

    Calling All Adventurers: Join the Family Fun at Noah's Ark Somerset Safari!

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    Lioness Roars on England for World Cup Glory

    28th Jun 2023

    As England Lionesses dominate the FIFA Women's World Cup, our pride of lions join in on the football frenzy!

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    Unicorn arrives at Noah's Ark

    22nd Jun 2023

    We are proud to be a host of a Unicorn as part of The Unicornfest Art Trail

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