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The UK's Largest Elephant Facility

Here at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm we are home to the largest elephant facility in the UK, Elephant Eden. The state-of-the-art 20-acre habitat has its own swimming pool, heated indoor barn, sand yards, expansive fields and large willow plantation.

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African Elephants

Learn about African elephants & the importance of bull facilities...

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Elephant Eden At Noah's Ark

Explore the largest elephant habitat in the UK & Northern Europe...

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Our Elephants

Meet the 4 bull African Elephants here at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm...

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The Dedicated Keeper Team

Meet the zookeepers who care for our elephants...

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  1. Adopt An Elephant

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    Support & donate towards the care of our African Elephants and get an amazing adoption pack in return!

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  2. Meet An Elephant

    Elephant Keeper Experience 3

    Take part in a once in a lifetime experience & learn all about African Elephants.

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  3. Donate

    African Elephant - 2 Drone

    Support vital conservation work & donate to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm


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