Celebrating World Giraffe Day at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Longest Day of the Year for the Longest Necks

21st Jun 2024


Giraffes, with their iconic long necks and towering stature, are the world's tallest mammals. They have adapted in incredible ways, allowing them to feed from the highest treetops. However, despite their grandeur, giraffes are quietly disappearing from our planet at an alarming rate. On World Giraffe Day, we aim to raise awareness about their plight and highlight the crucial conservation efforts needed to protect these giants.
Giraffes are currently classed as vulnerable in the wild. According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the African giraffe population has plummeted from around 155,000 in the 1980s to approximately 117,000 today. This decline is a stark reminder of the urgent need for conservation. It's essential for us to support organizations like the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, which works tirelessly to protect and preserve giraffe populations across Africa. You can learn more about their vital work here.

Meet Our Towering Trio
At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we are proud to be home to three wonderful giraffes: Kito, Eller, and Ronan. While they are not part of a breeding group, they play an essential role as ambassadors for their wild counterparts. Each of them has a unique personality and presence, with Kito being particularly handsome and a favourite among visitors.
Our giraffes help us educate the public about the importance of conservation and the challenges giraffes face in the wild. By visiting our zoo and meeting these majestic animals, you are also contributing to their protection.

Giraffe 4

Giraffe and Rhino Experiences
To make your visit even more memorable, we offer special Giraffe and Rhino experiences that allow you to get up close and personal with these incredible animals. These experiences provide a unique opportunity to learn about their behaviours, diets, and the conservation efforts in place to protect them.
World Giraffe Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate these amazing creatures and reflect on how we can contribute to their survival. Join us at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm to honour Keto, Eller, and Ronan, and to support the global efforts to save giraffes from extinction.
Find out more about our Giraffe and Rhino experiences here.

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