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  1. Kalaweit Fundraiser

    Primate Weekend

    19th Jul 2018

    A Conservation Weekend supporting Gibbons in the wild!

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  2. Blobid1513170057418

    Species Spotlight: Reindeer

    10th Dec 2017

    How much do you know about the iconic Christmas Reindeer?

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  3. 1496244223 14443

    Sam's looking for Love

    31st May 2017

    One of our young male Gibbons, Sam, has moved to South Africa to meet his new girlfriend.

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  4. Giraffe Small (1)

    Help save the giraffe in 2017!

    22nd Dec 2016

    Giraffe lovers, listen up! The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has announced that these wonderful tall-necked, long-tongued creatures have gone from being a sp...

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  5. Eatingbrowseweb

    Jumbo partnership with power company benefits elephants

    21st Oct 2016

    Weston Power and Avon Wildlife Trust help supply trees for elephant food Our elephants are benefiting from a new partnership with a regional power company and a local wildlife trust.

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