Giant Anteater arrives


A Giant Anteater is the latest arrival at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, Somerset, proudly welcomes Emiel, a male giant anteater, to their diverse animal collection. Emiel, has embarked on an exciting journey to his new home at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm from Zoo Parc Overloon, Netherlands.

As one of the most charismatic and unique mammals on the planet, Emiel's arrival has generated great excitement among the zoo's staff and visitors alike. Emiel's new home at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm provides him with a spacious and enriched environment, where he can thrive and continue to educate and inspire visitors about the wonders of wildlife. He has joined a mixed species exhibit, Viva South America, alongside Brazilian tapirs, capybara, armadillos, mara and poison dart frogs.

"We are thrilled to welcome Emiel to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. As a highly intelligent and fascinating species, Emiel is a wonderful addition to our animal collection. His arrival from the Netherlands marks an exciting milestone for us completing our Viva South America mixed exhibit, and we are dedicated to providing him with the best care and habitat possible. Emiel's presence will not only captivate our visitors but also raise awareness about the importance of conservation and the incredible diversity of wildlife on our planet. We look forward to watching Emiel settle into his new home" - Chris Wilkinson, Zoo Curator.


Giant anteaters are solitary mammals originating from Central and South America, the Viva enclosure allows species to have separate indoor and outdoor areas. They primarily eat ants and is also known as an Ant Bear! Giant Anteaters are vulnerable to extinction with numbers decreasing in the wild.

Giant Anteaters have an incredibly long tongue that can extend up to 2 feet (60 cm) in length, which is longer than their entire body! This specialized tongue, covered in sticky saliva, allows them to slurp up thousands of insects in just a minute. They can consume up to 30,000 ants or termites in a day, making them highly efficient insect hunters and important ecological balancers in their natural habitats.

Jacob, Education Officer said “We are so excited to welcome Emiel the Giant Anteater. Emiel is an ambassador for his species, helping to educate and inspire our visitors about the amazing animals of South America as well as their incredible habitats.”

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