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It's Christmas time at the Zoo! Come along and join us for our Christmas festivities including our History and Mystery of Christmas light trail and a visit from St Nicholas.

Reindeer, also known as Caribou in North America have a fur coat that consists of an outer layer of straight, hollow, tubular hairs which provide insulation from the cold and a woolly undercoat. The coat colour is generally brown to grey on the upperparts and pale to white on the underparts, although the colour can vary from almost black to white depending on location.

The reindeer has long, sweeping antlers that re-grow each year. They are the only deer species where both the male and female possess antlers, although the female antlers are much smaller and simpler. Overall the females tend to be smaller and more slender in comparison to the male.

A number of vocalisations are produced by the reindeer. Adults snort when alarmed and the male roars during the breeding season.

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