Zoo Engagement, She Said Yes!

24th Jul 2017


Recently, Abbie, mum of 2, was out with her family visiting Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. What was already set to be a fun filled day out was in fact one they would all cherish forever.

After spending the morning taking their 2 young children around the zoo, visiting the animals and tiring themselves out in the play areas. Kit and Abbie vetured into the UK's longest hedge maze, not an easy task. However, the reward was surely worth it. Once the family made it to the central maze tower, overlooking the 14,000 Beech Trees, Kit got down on one knee and proposed to an awestruck Abbie.


The keepers fell in love with the famliy and their story and took the 4 of them behind the scenes to meet and feed our Giraffe family, Genny and her 3 boys.

The couple described the experience as "a day we will never forget!" and their son has been "talking about George and Geoffrey ever since".


We wish all the best to the family and thank them for sharing their special day with us. If you are interested in meeting our Giraffe family and making your day out extra special, check out our animal experiences.

Maze Drone 1

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