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31st Aug 2020

Since the announcement of the latest lockdown, we have been overwhelmed with messages of support from our members, visitors and animal lovers asking for ways in which they could assist us during this time.

Many of you may recall that it costs approximately £3,000 a day to feed and care for our animals, including  keepers' wages, food and veterinary care. That is in excess of £120,000 for the next 6 weeks, during a time when we expect zero income from visitors on site. 

Keeping a wide range of exotic and farm animals requires a huge shopping list each week. With a large number of our animals on a specialized diet that cannot be purchased from a supermarket; such as Termant which provides our Giant Anteater with the nutrients required to ensure he remains healthy. Termant is used as part of a balanced diet for Oliver alongside insects, eggs and avocado!

Every little helps, so here are a few examples of how your donation could help us.

  • £50 will feed our Anteater for a week.
  • £25 will buy a meat box for our Lions for a day.
  • £15 will feed our troop of Ring-Tailed Lemurs for a day!
  • £10 will supplement the diet of our Highland Cows for a week.

However, it’s not all about donations, here are some other ways you can help at the zoo.  By spreading the word and sharing our story you can become an ambassador of the zoo and help raise awareness of the many issues faced by us and other zoos. 

Adopting an animal at the zoo can help us feed and care for that animal, have your name at the enclosure and receive a pack of lots of goodies and a ticket to the zoo.  They make perfect gifts for your animal loving friends and family!

Purchasing a Gift Ticket is another way to support us during this time, tickets are valid for a whole year and will be extended by any time that we are closed.

We understand that many of you would like to know what your donations are being spent on, so we have created an Amazon wish list of essential items that we need, there are items of varying expence to suit all budgets and every little helps.

If you are local, why not pop into our new Farm Shop, it has all the essential items, including milk, vegetables, bread and flour as well as local suppliers of meat, cheese, eggs and a range of frozen meals prepared by our zoo chefs.

Larry Bush, Managing Director of the zoo commented "We are so thankful for all the support we have received. We have a great support network with our loyal members, visitors and supporters who have all helped us get through a difficult year. With the challenges of being closed to the public for this third lockdown and with no certainity over how long this will last we do still need your help, so anything that you are able to contribute will be gratefully received.”

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