World’s deadliest snakes slither into spectacular shows in Bristol

27th Jul 2016

King Cobra

Rattlesnakes, Saw-scaled vipers, King Cobra and the world’s most venomous snake the Australian Taipan will be showcased at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

With venom toxic enough to kill 100 fully grown men in one bite, the Australian Taipan tops the list of the world’s deadliest snakes – and is just one of the exciting species to appear at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm for a special fortnight of educational reptile shows starting this weekend. One of our most popular annual events, we’re excited to welcome back Reptile Fortnight for the school holidays, running from 1st – 13th August, professionally showcased by the Reptile Zone in Bristol Presented in a safe, fun format by experienced snake handler Pete Blake, visitors can watch demonstrations with notorious snakes like the South American Fer-de-lance, Monocled cobras, rattlesnakes and King Cobras from safely outside a specially constructed bullet-proof Perspex presentation room.

Ali G Reptile Fortnight

Celebrating over a decade of partnership between the Reptile Zone and Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, this summer will see twice daily Venomous Shows and the special chance for a framed photo with safe, friendly non-venomous snakes and reptiles – including a big friendly Burmese Python who loves meeting new people, and 4 alligators! The fortnight event is designed to quash some of the unfair reputation often given to snakes, explaining how they usually avoid confrontation where possible and have incredible biological design which is helping advances in modern medicine benefiting humans. Reptiles not your thing? Well, never fear, we have lots more for you to do as part of an action-packed day out in our spacious 100 acre park. Get within a trunks length of elephants, stalk quietly past the Big Cats and mosey on up to meet our family of gentle giraffes. Aside from the Reptile Shows, join in our program of daily animal events including learning about feisty felines at the Big Cat Talk at 1pm, hearing interesting facts about elephants at the popular 1:30pm Elephant Presentation and watch our hawks and owls saw in the 2:30pm Birds of Prey Display. (You’ll be wanting a sit down and ice cream after all that excitement..!) Start planning your summer visit today, we’ve included some helpful features on our website just for that purpose. If you book tickets in advance online, you’ll save yourself a few quid and it’ll speed up your entry on arrival! Remember we’ve also got our Elephant Trail all summer, in support of global elephant conservation partnering with the charity Elephant Parade. Grab a map when you arrive and find our 10 celebrity-decorated elephant models around the zoo. It’s jumbo fun for sure…

Ali G Reptile Fortnight (1)

The daily Reptile Fortnight Venomous Snake shows are included with normal admission to the zoo, with the park open 10:30am – 5pm, Monday – Saturday. Framed photos are available for £7.50. The Shows are at 12:30pm and 2pm from this Saturday 30th July.

Maze Drone 1

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