World Giraffe Day

21st Jun 2018

This year for World Giraffe Day on Thursday 21st of June we've got some exciting antics planned. It's the longest day of the year and what better way to spend it that with the animals with the longest necks.

What is World Giraffe Day?

World Giraffe Day was organised by the charity Giraffe Conservation Foundation. This annual event raises awareness of the challenges Giraffes face in the wild. Giraffe numbers have plummeted by 40% over the last 30 years and they are vulnerable to extinction in the wild. There are now only 100,000 Giraffes remaining in the whole of Africa.

What's special in 2018?

This year World Giraffe Day is dedicated to Operation Twiga III, for the translocation of Nubian (formerly Rothschild’s) giraffe in Uganda.

What are we doing?

This year we are continuing to support Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the amazing work that they do. Visitors to the zoo will be able to get involved in fundraising activteis including arts and crafts, Giraffe lettuce feeds, Giraffe yoga and the return of purple tongue slushies! The daily Africa keeper talk will also go ahead as usual at 11.30am where visitors can meet our dedicated keepers and learn all about our Giraffes Kito and Genevieve.

In the evening we are hosting a special Somerset Safari event where visitors will be given an after hours tour of the zoo. The event includes a special Elephant talk with pre-dinner drinks, Giraffe feeds, Bear feeds and a 2-course meal in the cafe.

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