Which Animal Matches Your Personality?

9th Oct 2014


When you’re strolling through Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, you may notice certain animals have certain personality traits. Getting up-close to these fascinating species will give you unparalleled access to their day-to-day lives. But have you ever wondered which animal is most like you? Take a look at the following descriptions to see if any of these characteristics ring true: Lions Lions are known for being noble, courageous creatures. They move with dignified grace and have an undeniable presence, turning heads wherever they go. They are also dependable and predictable – you always know where you stand with a lion. They spend much of the day inactive, often resting for around 20 hours a day. Socialising usually takes places after dusk. Although they can be dramatic and commanding at times, they’re still pussycats at heart. Come and see our gorgeous African Lions (Zulu, Masai, Arusha and Wilma) in the flesh.

Big Cats

Tigers Tigers are super confident, powerful animals; they’re majestic and they know it. There’s a sense of immediacy that surrounds a tiger, and when they find their groove, they tend to focus on their goal until it’s achieved. Tigers are completely unique – no two tigers have exactly the same stripes. They are also known to have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality, in the wild they often gorge and then don’t eat for several days. Noah’s Ark is home to two beautiful Bengal Tigers, Tiana and Khan.

Buta 1

Elephants Elephants have an imposing physical presence and exude calm and confidence in everything they do. They have an extremely kind and spiritual demeanour and are incredibly intellectual. In fact, African Elephants are amongst the world’s most intelligent species. They are emotional, sensitive creatures and are very caring and compassionate with a great sense of humour. And let’s not forget… they have a fantastic memory! Come and say hello to our clever giants, Buta and Janu.

Meerkats (1)

Snakes Snakes are clever reptiles, with a tendency to use their defence mechanism when they come across something they don’t like (they curl into a tight ball with their heads hidden inside, often not moving for long periods of time). If you like to keep a low profile and are shy and insecure with a quick temper, perhaps you are most like a snake? Come and meet our Royal Pythons, Rupert and Ruby. Meerkats Although Meerkats are the perfect snack for predators, they are very loyal animals and always look out for the rest of their ‘mob’ or ‘gang’ – they will not accept threats to the security of their adorable offspring, and one meerkat will always ‘stand guard’ while the others are feeding or sleeping. They are very social animals and enjoy being in the company of others.

Giraffe 36

Giraffes Giraffes are elegant and dainty animals, moving with confidence and grace. The giraffe is the tallest of all mammals, with many growing up to 20 feet high. Their long necks (which can be up to 6 foot 7 inches in length) offer protection as they are able to see very far. If you’re quiet and laid-back, but you stick your neck out for others and keep your eye on what’s around the corner, perhaps a giraffe best matches your personality. Pay a visit to our Giraffes, all beginning with G: Gerald, Genevieve, George and Geoffrey. 

There are plenty of other Amazing Animals here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm – come and see which of their personality traits match yours!

Maze Drone 1

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