Springtime Surprises


Springtime typically brings a welcome shift towards warmer weather, colourful flowers and of course a couple of April showers. 2017 hasn’t quite gone that way with snow storms battering the UK and bringing the country to a standstill. The one thing we can still rely on this spring is baby animals.

Our keepers have a particularly exciting announcement from our Bennet Wallaby troupe. The troupe of 4 females (Wendy, Brenda, Betty and Matilda) and 1 male (Wilburt) can often be found grazing and sleeping out in the sunshine on Wallaby Hill. Last year Wendy the Wallaby gave birth to a healthy happy girl, later named Brenda. This year the keepers have seen tiny pink heads poking out from all 4 of the female Wallabies’ pouches. Amongst them the keepers were particularly delighted to see a head appear from Brenda’s pouch making Wendy a new grandmother.


Joeys can spend up to a year in their mother’s pouch. As they grow they will venture out for short periods of time before heading back to the safety of mum. Keepers estimate the young joeys to be approximately half way through their pouch life.

On your next visit to Noah’s Ark this Easter be sure to stop by Wallaby Hill to try to spot one of these hidden gems.

Maze Drone 1

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