Specatacled Bear photo featured in Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition

12th Jan 2022


This year’s winner of the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award for “Animals in their Environment” features a Spectacled Bear at the edge of existence, overlooking their territory as the urban sprawl catches up to it.

The photograph is by Daniel Mideros of Ecuador. Habitat loss and fragmentation is a serious threat to bears throughout their regions. At Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, we are working with conservation charities to protect Spectacled Bears for future generations. One of the conservation charities we support at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is Spectacled Bear Conservation (SBC) who work to study the landscape of bears and protect their habitat so they can move, feed, breed and exist peacefully.


At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm (just 6 miles from Bristol) we have a family of Spectacled Bears following the birth of two bear cubs in January 2022. As part of the European Breeding Programme we welcomed 'Tuichi' (female) and 'Beni' (male). The cubs were named after two of the major rivers flowing through the Madidi National Park. Water is an important resource for Spectacled Bears in the wild which must be protected.

Maze Drone 1

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