Soaring Success at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm as New Falcon Flies In

4th Oct 2013

A stunning new Falcon has flown into Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm near Bristol and set up roost.

 Our new addition is Leah, a beautiful Lanner Falcon, who joins our growing Bird of Prey collection at the zoo. Lanner Falcons are large Birds of Prey from Africa, south east Europe and parts of Asia. These predatory birds are typically found in open country and savannah and they hunt other bird species in flight. Leah joins our popular and growing group of Birds of Prey at Noah’s Ark which are trained by the zoos curator Chris Wilkinson and apprentice keeper Holli Buxton to fly in the parks daily educational ‘Birds of Prey Display’ for visitor.

This display is one of the daily roster of interactive talks given by keepers at the zoo, offering the public an insight into the management and behaviour of these stunning birds. The Bird of Prey Display introduces visitors to different species, explaining their adaptations for hunting in flight, their sharpened senses and characteristic behaviours.

Families can see each bird fly and express hunting behaviours during the show, feeding from perches and the ground and delighting young and old alike. Leah now joins Ernie the Eurasian Eagle Owl, Sam the Harris Hawk, Snuffy the African Spotted Eagle Owl and Bella the Barn Owl in the Animal Show Pens and is enjoying her daily training with Chris and Holli. Growing in confidence, Leah will join her feathered friends to fly in the show when her training is complete.

Keeper Holli Buxton said: “We’re really pleased to have Leah at Noah’s Ark and see her growing in confidence meeting visitors and progressing well in her training. She’s a beautiful girl and we’re sure she’ll be a star in the flight show as part of our zoo education for visitors.”

The Birds of Prey Display runs daily at Noah’s Ark at 2.30pm at Rhino Hill. It’s one of many daily shows that offer a great day out for kids in Bristol. As well as being home to incredible birds, there’s also big zoo animals at Noah’s Ark including lions, tigers and rhinos. Noah’s Ark is open from Monday – Saturday, 10:30am – 5pm. We offer discounts for families, birthday parties and other groups, making a trip here one of the most fun and rewarding days out in the South West.

For more information about Leah, our other birds or any of the animals at Noah’s Ark visit or phone 01275 852606.

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