Snow Day at the Zoo

It may be the beginning of Spring but the beast from the east affected many around the country last week. With the Met Office issuing red weather warnings in Somerset, Noah's Ark Zoo Farm had to close its doors mid-season for the first time in 20 years. Many of the roads surrounding the zoo were closed due to thick snow and black-ice.

Some of the animals at the zoo are from hot countries which would never usually receive snow. These animals were kept inside in their heated houses during the snow. Although the keepers didn't want them to feel left out and so snowmen/snowanimals were used to decorate the houses and provide some fun enrichment.

Some animals weren't too sure what to make of the snow. But after a short period of weariness they soon came around and got involved with the fun.

Many of the animals felt right at home in the snow and enjoyed frolicking and playing in the powder.

The zoo keepers were ceratinly the heroes of the hour. Although the zoo was closed to the public during the last half of the week the zoo animals still needed looking after. Our zoo keepers certainly showed dedication to their animals during this time. Several keepers borrowed 4x4s and tractors to drive through the snow and pick up their colleagues. Others trekked the hour walk into work through the snow and one keeper even stayed overnight at the zoo to ensure they could care for the animals.

The wild animals around the zoo weren't forgotten either as the keepers left out extra food for the wild birds who would find it hard to forage for themselves in the weather.

Although the snow caused chaos in many areas, we certainly enjoyed our few days of frozen-fun here at the zoo.

The zoo is now open again for visitors to enjoy. Don't forget your scarves and gloves when visiting the animals. Afterwards you can warm up in our heated indoor play areas and enjoy a yummy hot chocolate from the cafe.

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