Shaka smashed 14 stone pumpkin!

In preparation for Pumpkin Fest, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm gave their elephants a smashing treat.

The 14 stone and 1 metre tall, orange squash plant, was an exciting sight for Shaka, the African Elephant, who was the first to approach the pumpkin. After testing the weight with his trunk, he leant on it with his foot before he cracked it, clean it half, with a stomp.

Luke Downs, from Taunton, grew the massive orange fruit over the summer. He contacted the zoo to see if they could help make his dream come true of giving it to the elephants. He was delighted when watching the bull elephant chomping down on the pumpkin.

“This is actually quite a big deal for me and I’m very happy with how it has turned out. I’m hoping this could be a yearly occurrence for me and the elephants!”

After eating most of the pumpkin, Shaka sauntered off leaving a smaller amount for little cheeky M’Changa to come running over for.

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