Pumpkin Fun Day at Noah’s Ark!

22nd Oct 2015

Hooray! Half term is almost here, and – as ever – Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is the place to be if you want to ensure your little ones have a jam-packed day full of fun and adventure (and a bit of education, too!).

This October half term week, we have something of a theme going on at the zoo. We’ll give you a clue: it’s big and orange, has a green top and is great for carving… have you guessed yet? Yes, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm will provide little (and big!) visitors with a whole host of pumpkin fun, culminating with our annual Pumpkin Fun Day on Saturday 31st October. What kind of activities will be taking place throughout the week? Well, you can expect to watch animal enrichment involving pumpkins with a variety of animals each day.

Between Monday and Saturday (please note, our zoo is closed on Sundays), various animals will be having different types of enrichment with the pumpkins. We will be carving fun shapes into the pumpkins – including smiley faces and stars, before placing delicious treats inside for some of the animals to enjoy. The animals that will be receiving pumpkin enrichment include meerkatscoatisgibbons and lemurs. It will be very fun for visitors to watch… and for the animals to receive!

Other animals, including our rhinostigers and lions will have fun playing with pumpkins and using them as balls, which is always a delight to see! If you have a favourite animal you would like to see receive pumpkin enrichment, here is our ‘pumpkin rota’ for the week: Monday - Goats & Camels Tuesday - Birds & Reptiles Wednesday - Coatis & Gibbons  Thursday - Lemurs & Elephants  Friday - Meerkats & Rhinos  Saturday - LionsTigers & Giraffes Pumpkin Fun Day itself will involve a pumpkin fun trail around the farm, where young visitors can guess which animal is hiding behind the pumpkin. Guess right, and they’ll win a delicious sweet surprise! This will be taking place all day on Saturday. Between 2pm and 3pm, there will be a host of pumpkin-themed arts and crafts and don’t miss our special animal enrichment talks.

It’s shaping up to be a fun week here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, so make sure you book your tickets in advance by purchasing them online. Our gates open at 10.30am and close at 5pm, and there’s plenty to do to keep families happy and entertained all day long – so it really does make for a fantastic half term day out. See you soon!

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