Noah's Ark Celebrates Papa Bears This Fathers Day

16th Jun 2024

This Father’s Day, we want to shine a spotlight on a special dad… Rasu!

Rasu, our incredible Andean Bear, fathered two adorable cubs, Beni and Tuichi, born on January 11, 2022. Male bears like Rasu can grow up to 2 meters in length from head to tail, making them one of the most majestic creatures in our zoo.

Rasu enjoyed some special Father’s Day treats from Beni and Tuichi, as well as his keepers. Did you know that Spectacled Bears love sweet treats? This includes honey and marmalade, just like Paddington bear!

At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we are proud to support the vital work of the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society (SBC). SBC is dedicated to protecting spectacled bears in Peru through community empowerment, scientific research, and habitat protection.

Our bears at Noah’s Ark play crucial roles in conservation. They are part of an international breeding program that helps protect the spectacled bear species. Additionally, they serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts in South America, inspiring and educating our visitors about the importance of the species and their need for conservation. By supporting this cause, we strive to ensure the survival and thriving existence of this vulnerable species for generations to come.

Come by and say hello to Rasu and his family, and make life-long memories with us this Father’s Day at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is a conservation charity and the largest zoo in Somerset with over 100 species of animals. Our multi-award-winning zoo is open seven days a week and aims to create a place of joy, wonder, adventure, and refreshment, supporting the well-being of all visitors, staff, and volunteers. Through education and fun, we aim to inspire and motivate this generation and the next.

Noah’s Ark is home to the big zoo animals! Visit us and come face to face with a cheeky mob of meerkats, be awed by African elephants, and dazzled by the zebra herd! Experience the beauty of the skies during our daily birds of prey displays. The Wings of Wonder showcase features owls, hawks, falcons, and eagles in a mesmerizing spectacle, it’s the perfect way to experience wildlife with your family and friends. With our Rainy Day Guarantee, we can take the pressure off your visit if things do get a little soggy!

Join us this Father’s Day at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm to celebrate Rasu and all the amazing dads out there!

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