Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm – the perfect place for a summer visit!

3rd Jun 2016

Now that the sun has made a reappearance and the days are getting brighter, why not unlock the inner adventurer in your little ones by getting them to say hello to our Water Buffalo, smile at a Crocodile or have a little chat with a Yak? Here at the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we have the most exhilarating range of furry farm friends and exotic animals just waiting to meet you.

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We are the biggest zoo in the South West and you’ll be able to see why as soon as you discover the exciting array of animals on offer. From our gigantic Giraffes to lovely Lowland Tapirs, kids big and small are sure to find a new favourite animal while exploring our extensive grounds. Come and meet our wonderful African elephants, Janu and M’Changa in our Elephant Eden habitat. Our sanctuary is internationally acclaimed because at 20 acres (or 80,000 square metres), it’s three times bigger than the minimum zoo requirements – meaning they have lots of room to roam! Did you know that the African Elephant has less toes than its Asian cousins, or that the trunk is actually a super specialised nose? Elephants have been taught to paint and can even open locks using their terrific trunks. You can learn more fun facts about these gentle giants at our daily Keeper Talks at 1.30pm. If you dare – come and visit our reptile rooms, where Snakes slither. If you prefer big cats to big scares, we have beautiful Bengal tigers and some rather lazy Lions (who can spend up to 20 hours a day resting!) sunning themselves in our super zoo farm, too!

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No visit to Noah’s Ark would be complete without saying hello to our favourite bear brothers, Tupa and Sonco, the Spectacled Bears. These hardy mountain bears have been settling in nicely to their new two-acre enriched enclosure. Why not watch them unwind in their swimming pool from our brand new viewing platform? Come and take part in one of our fun daily shows, from meeting the Meerkats to learning about our big cats, we want to educate as well as entertain. Lots of our animals are endangered and so we use our talks to instil a love and respect for all of our brilliant creatures. On Saturdays you can get even closer to your favourite animals in one of our meet and greet shows, or visit the Animal Village where you can meet small furry animals such as the Rabbits, Chicks, Guinea Pigs and bottle feed Lambs! Did you know that Llamas have been domesticated for 4,000 years? Whoever said dogs were a man’s best friend?

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For your littlest monkeys, we have our Jungle Tots play area. Here, parents can make like a Sloth and slow down with a coffee or ice cream while the children play. And for a lunch worthy of a Lion, why not visit our café? There is so much to do in our growing zoo and all of our animals are just roaring to meet you! Just remember that when you book your tickets online, you can save £££s!

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