Nile Crocodiles Settle in

4th Jul 2012

Nile Crocs Nazf

A pair of crocodiles are the latest big zoo animals to join Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. These Nile crocodiles come from a collection in Spain, and although they are 4.5 foot at present, they can grow to be 15 foot long. These beady eyed reptiles, named Nuru and Nura, have settled in nicely at the warm and watery enclosure of the reptile house where the humid conditions are to the liking of cold blooded animals.

Zoo Crocodiles

Nile crocodiles Nuru and Nura are settling in nicely at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Visitors have been intrigued by the new additions which spend most of their time on the bank together beside their cool pool, occasionally venturing in for a dip. The two impressive reptilians are certainly not short of confidence; showing no fear of their section keeper Mandy Patch who has been monitoring them as they get used to their new surrounds. It certainly takes quite an effort to be able to hold their stare! The Nile crocodiles live next door to another massive reptile, the Crocodile Monitor Lizard. When the crocs get a bit bigger, they’ll be transferred to a new habitat which is being built at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm to accommodate their future growth. If you are interested in doing a reptile keeper experience, you can book it online.

Zoo crocodiles in Bristol

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