New arrivals In Town

16th Jun 2021

Tiny little bundles of fluff have been seen at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm!

Prairie Dogs pups have been seen emerging from underground tunnels in their enclosure for the first time. The exact number is not yet known but at least 13 have been spotted.

Prairie Dogs, native to the Americas, give birth in underground tunnels. Once the pups are around 6 weeks old, they emerge from their underground homes. Each female Prairie Dog gives birth to up to six pups, usually in April or May.

Prairie Dogs live underground in complex networks of tunnels that they dig themselves. Each tunnel usually has multiple openings and raised entrances to protect the town; multiple groups of Prairie Dog families, from the elements and gives them extra height when on the lookout from predators. They also have separate ‘rooms’ for sleeping, raising their babies, toileting and storing their food.

The babies have been delighting visitors and staff as they are very active and playful.

Maze Drone 1

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