Meet the zoo gardeners!

5th Jan 2022


Each morning, the zoo’s pygmy goats don collars and leads as Keepers take the boisterous herd to paddocks around the zoo.

Walked around the zoo twice a day, these little goats help out other species like the ostrich and the rhea, who prefer to graze on short grass. Previously pets, they are happy to take the walk around the zoo although it does beg the question of who’s walking who with how eager they can be.

“They are small but they have mighty big personalities. Lily is typically calm and reserved, Bella is a sassy lady who loves her food and Ivan is very keeper oriented, always ready with a quick little nudge to remind you that you're not allowed to stop petting him!” Said Keeper Jayne Gibbins

With over 100 acres of Somerset countryside, there are many paddocks and hedge rows that the pygmy goats can help keep at bay. Although within reason, with the lions and bears understandably not receiving the same lawn care service!

African pygmy goats are social animals and live in herds. They are also very smart and often quite curious on their walks around the zoo.

“They are very much the zoo’s tiny grasscutters. Guests may spot us move our little gardeners about during the day and they have been known to be a bit curious and mischievous. On occasion they do try to get a scratch off any guest they see.” Jayne continued.

African pygmy goats are a domestic breed of goat that originate from Cameroon in West Africa. They are known to be great climbers with the ability to jump up onto logs and rocks. They also have a diet of leaves, plants, grass as well as fruits and vegetables.

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