Meet Hugo The Hairy Highlander

11th Feb 2013

Hugo 1

A newly born hairy highlander bull is an enchanting sight for visitors to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

The zoo recently reopened after its annual winter break and there have been a number of new arrivals to capture the imagination.


One of the cutest, and definitely the hairiest, is Hugo the hoofed highlander. He looks like a teddy bear now, but will soon grow into an imposing bull.

His mother Marilyn is notorious for going on the run last year when she jumped a number of fences at our 100 acre farm to explore fresh pastures.

She has been a popular character so keepers were understandably thrilled when she began calving. Hugo’s shaggy hide is a rich brown colour, the product of a father with a black coat and mother Marilyn’s magnificent, blonde coat.

Hugo Marilyn

Hugo and Marilyn

Marilyn and Hugo are now resting out of the elements in deep straw inside the Animal Show Pens. The public can enjoy the sight of the pair bonding while Hugo gets stronger on his feet.

Highlanders are commonly found in harsh environments such as the hilly regions of Scotland where the breed was first developed. Highland cattle are farmed successfully in many other countries with similarly cold and wet climates.

Noah’s Ark was a dairy farm for 40 years and houses different breeds today including Jersey and Ankole cows which visitors can learn about and appreciate.

The family attraction offers educational animal workshopsfor schools which feature farmyard and exotic animals and is now open for the new season for educational visits and family day trips.

For information about 2013 prices, events and education visitors are encouraged to go online to or phone 01275 852606.

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