Love Noah's Ark Week

3rd Jun 2024

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Celebrates BIAZA Love Your Zoo Week

Last week, we had the pleasure of celebrating the annual BIAZA Love Your Zoo Week. This nationwide event, which coincided with the May half-term, featured a range of activities to highlight crucial work in nature conservation, education, and research.
We kicked off the week with a public display of our monthly meerkat weigh-in. Keeping a detailed record of our meerkats' health is essential, and the monthly weighing helps our keepers monitor their well-being over time. Our team prepared some tasty treats to entice each meerkat onto the scales, carefully recording the weight of every member of our mob.
After the weigh-in, our keepers invited children to join in creating enrichment activities. They filled bottles with mealworms and placed them in the meerkat enclosure, allowing the meerkats to spin the bottles and retrieve their treats. Did you know that meerkats are approximately 30 cm tall when standing! In our mob, Mia proudly leads as the matriarch.
The Love Your Zoo Week festivities didn’t stop there. Our lions, gibbons, coatis, and elephants also enjoyed special enrichment activities. Uli and Sutton, our African Bull Elephants, were greeted with an array of heart-shaped decorations. Uli playfully stomped on the hearts and knocked them down, much to the delight of our visitors.
Our pride of lions—Arusha and her cubs, Kojo and Tau—also participated in the fun with their own enrichment activities.
Love Your Zoo Week is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the vital role zoos play in conservation and education. We’re proud of the work we do and thrilled to share it with our visitors.
Stay tuned for more exciting events and updates from Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm!
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