Linford, the rhea, has a home!

18th Jun 2020

The big bird who was found living at a golf course in Worcestershire has now found a more permanent residence.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol has taken in the rhea that was found wandering around the holes, after escaping from a nearby village.

The bird had been ‘puttering’ around wild since October 2018 when he managed to grab the headlines with the local press as he made Evesham Golf Club his new home.

Needing to relocate the bird as he became fully grown, the golf club called in the zoo keepers from Noah’s Ark. Zoo Curator, Chris Wilkinson and his team of keepers went on a road trip to pick up the flightless bird who because of his speed, is nicknamed Linford, after sprinter Linford Christie.

“The capture could have been extremely difficult and dangerous so we coordinated a make-shift enclosure for Linford in the middle of the golf green. Because of this planning, the capture was relatively easy and Linford travelled well back to the zoo. He is currently enjoying his time grazing without pecking at golfers. Since his time with us, he has passed a number of golf tees and 5p’s that he has picked up and eaten throughout his time at the course, proving that perhaps golf courses are not the most rhea friendly of places for him to live.”

Since Linford has been at the Zoo Farm, it has been discovered that Linford is actually a female and now called Lynn; he has now been paired with Willow, a male rhea who already lives at Noah’s Ark.

He is now comfortably in his enclosure alongside Willow and our two Alpaca, Zara and Annalie.

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