Keeper Camera Roll: Elephant Keeper

11th May 2024

“Here at Noah’s Ark we are providing a space for bull elephants of varying ages and life experiences to come together, learn from each other, to play, socialise, and mature with each other, exactly how they would out in the wild.
We as keepers spend our days cleaning, preparing food, creating enrichment, modifying their habitat, conducting behavioural studies, and working with the elephants themselves to ensure they’re in the best possible health, in turn building a relationship with each elephant that is very special to us.
I’ve been working at Noah’s Ark with the elephants for three years now, and I’m proud of the work we do as the UK’s first and only bachelor facility. No two days here are the same, and whilst it’s hard work, spending my days with Shaka, Janu, Sutton, and Uli brings me so much fulfilment and joy.”
- Connor Dennis, Elephant Keeper at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

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