Happy World Rhino Day!

Join us on World Rhino Day at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm as we celebrate the incredible world of rhinoceroses and learn how we can all play a part in ensuring a brighter future for rhinos!

Take a short stroll up Rhino Hill and meet our cherished pair of Southern White Rhinos, Rumbull and Rumba. This delightful duo has been a part of our Zoo family for nearly 20 years, serving as ambassadors for their rhino species and helping us raise awareness about the importance of rhino conservation. There are five different species of rhinos worldwide, and sadly, many of them are critically endangered.

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Over 100 years ago, Southern White Rhinos faced a serious population decline, when just 100 individuals were thought to remain. However, thanks to the dedicated efforts of conservation organisations, they've made an astonishing comeback! Today, there are approximately 18,000 mature Southern White Rhinos in the wild, but they still face ongoing threats from poaching and habitat loss. In a heartbreaking turn of events, the Northern White Rhino, a sub-species of White Rhino, became functionally extinct in 2018 with the passing of the last known male. This highlights the urgent need to raise awareness for all rhino species.

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The ongoing poaching of rhinos for their horns is their greatest threat. Rhino horn has been used in traditional medicines for many years, but scientific research has repeatedly shown that there are no health benefits to using remedies made from rhino horn. In reality, rhino horn is composed of keratin, the same substance found in our own fingernails and hair.

We spoke to Zoe, one of our dedicated Rhino Keeper’s about our resident rhinos and why World Rhino Day is so important. You can watch here:

Your visit to Noah’s Ark not only provides your family with the chance to see these majestic creatures but also helps to supports the vital work of our conservation partners, such as Tusk. These organisations are dedicated to preserving rhino populations by protecting their natural habitats and combating illegal wildlife trade.

This World Rhino Day, come and witness Rumbull and Rumba having a blast in the mud by paying us a visit. And if you'd like to take your support a step further, consider making a generous Gift Aid donation when purchasing your tickets.

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