Farewell Bridget

10th Mar 2021


We are very sad to announce that Bridget, our much-loved water buffalo, has passed away.

Bridget was an elderly buffalo and had been receiving ongoing care from our dedicated vet and Keeper team to help manage her arthritis and other age-related conditions. Over time, Bridget's health deteriorated, and the difficult decision was made to put her to sleep.

Bridget joined the Zoo in our first year of opening, way back in 1999. She quickly became a firm favourite of our visitors, volunteers, and staff alike and during her time at Noah’s Ark, Bridget has seen over 3 million visitors come through the gates!

Chris Wilkinson, Curator at Noah’s Ark explained “Bridget was super friendly and confident and would happily greet visitors over her fence. Whilst she could certainly be stubborn at times, she was a real character. Bridget will be deeply missed.”

We know that many of our visitors have fond memories of Bridget and we invite you to share your stories and photos with us as we remember her life.

Maze Drone 1

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