Endangered Species Day

19th May 2016

This weekend marks one of our special annual events here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm – it’s Endangered Species Day! One of the fantastic things about the zoo is that it provides a safe haven for a whole host of amazing animals, many of which are sadly in danger of extinction in their natural habitats.

Although there are many people in the world, like us, who care about the fate of these extraordinary creatures – the World Wildlife Fund is one of the largest organisations dedicated to the protection and restoration of endangered species and their habitats – animals are still suffering at the hands of humans. Whether it’s illegal poaching, deforestation or even climate change, if we don’t take action to ensure the survival of these fragile populations, our children and our children’s children could well grow up in a world where animals such as the gentle giant panda, the majestic Amur leopard and the shaggy Sumatran orang-utan no longer exist.

Here at Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo, we are planning to celebrate Endangered Species Day on Saturday 21st May with a selection of special events designed to make a fuss of our most endangered residents. We will be creating special enrichments for our endangered animals between 11am-12pm and again at 2.30pm-3.30pm – and after the sessions you can watch the animals happily enjoying their treats. After all, it is their special day!

Plus there will be plenty of other activities on offer, for both big and little humans alike! There will be an endangered species trail leading around the zoo throughout the day so you can find and learn about all these marvellous animals and understand a little more about why they need our help. We will also be running a raffle as well as holding an assortment of fun games and craft workshops. Endangered Species Day is fun for all the family!

So, which endangered residents at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm can you expect to see lapping up the attention on Saturday? Our beautiful white rhinos, Rumba and Rumbull, represent a species with the impressive credential of being the second largest land mammal in the world. We also play host to two magnificent Bengal tigers, Tiana and Khan. Fortunately, the creation of tiger reserves in India over the past few decades has helped to stabilise the numbers of this lordly beast, but there are still only a few thousand left living in the wild.

Our smaller endangered friends include our community of ring-tailed lemurs, black and white ruffed lemurs and cotton top tamarins whilst our flamboyant crowned cranes and amphibious axolotls are also deserving of a visit.

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