Earth Day 2021

22nd Apr 2021

Earth day 2021

On 22nd April 2021 Noah's Ark Zoo Farm celebrated Earth day 2021.

We wanted to share some of the ways we look after our Earth here at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm.

Providing habitats for native wildlife

We love to provide habitats for our native wildlife, including our 3.2km Beech Hedge maze, the planting of 5500+ new trees this year and the installation of over 100 bird boxes last month. The 100+ bird boxes were made and installed by the staff here at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Each of these boxes are being monitored by the team in order to gain vital data on our native birds. The bird boxes have already seen successful nesting. 

We also have a huge conservation area which provides British wildlife with a safe space away from human activity, within this area we have areas perfect for reptiles, insects and a pond perfect for newts!

Being Responsible

We are responsible in our recycling and use of precious resources like water! 


We harvest rain water from all of the roofs across Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, we are then able to use this water for animal pools and watering of plants. Did you know you can harvest water too by using a water butt?

We create our own energy through Solar Panels, Wind Turbine and Biomass. This helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and protects our planet.

We recycle as much as we can. From using old items to make toys for the animals to the waste we create on site. You may notice our recycled items around the zoo including old barrels, recycled tyres and used fire hoses! 

Our catering and retail outlets

We have recently renewed our gift shop. Our gift shop is now stocked with a range of environmentally friendly gifts from cuddly toys made from recycled plastic bottles, wooden gifts and locally made crafts. 

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Our catering outlets use compostable takeaway containers, wooden cuttlery as well as ethically and sustainably sourced food. Our Farm Shop stocks a range of locally sourced and sustainable food and drinks as well as frozen meals made here at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. Head to our Farm Shop page facebook page to see latest news and products.


Future commitments

At Noah's Ark Zoo Farm we are committed to keep becoming more responsible for our planet and are always looking for ways to improve. Whether this is through simple changes or new technology. 

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