Curious George

A curious giraffe got to see his enclosure for the first time in brilliant sunshine at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. George the giraffe is six weeks old having recently been born at our zoo in Wraxall, Bristol. His father Gerald had to wait for four years for his mother Genny to arrive but they quickly became an item in 2010.


Giraffes give birth standing up which is no mean feat given how large George was when he first popped into the world. Zoo keepers then kept a watchful but distant eye on George and his mum, while Gerald was kept in a separate enclosure. The idea was to give George some breathing space and time to find his feet. Well that time has now arrived with mum Genny being very keen to see her grass paddock again, and George now having the strength (though he still had to work up the courage) to follow. Genny quickly started tucking into the nearby plant life. George tried to follow suit but soon learnt that nettles do not make the best food! But no sooner was he in the open, green fields of his enclosure than he broke into a happy canter, as momentous an occasion for him as it was for visitors and staff. Genny then set about teaching him that grass makes a better meal than nettles!

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