Christmas Tree Appeal!


Don’t know what to do with your Christmas Tree? Want to recycle it but don’t know how? Why not donate it to your local elephants!

A mix up in Facebook posts lead to a fortunate turn of events for us here at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm. After an American zoo with a similar name, posted a request for donations of Christmas Trees, the zoo decided to take all the trees, on this side of the pond in Bristol.


The trees will be reused and recycled at the zoo, as enrichment for animals big and small. A wide range of animals have enjoyed the festive treats including African Elephants, Bengal Tigers, Andean Bears, Lions, Red Deer, Chickens and more.

An appeal for donating non-decorated natural trees, started on the 2nd January and five days later, the zoo had received over 1000 donations of the festive trees. To date, over 1500 trees have now been donated from the local area including a huge number from Weston Super Mare as well as a giant village tree from Backwell!


Larry Bush, Managing Director at Noah’s Ark, explains, “Here at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, sustainability and being ecofriendly is really important and is a factor in everything we do. So, when the idea came about to recycle people’s Christmas trees, it felt like it fitted with our ethos perfectly”.

The zoo will use the trees for months around the zoo, and so far, visitors have been able to enjoy watching Khan the Bengal Tiger, the African elephants and the bears eat and play with their festive treats.

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