Baby Lemur Born

A baby lemur was born in brilliant sunshine at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall this month. The ring-tailed lemur could be forgiven for thinking that it had been born in its usual home Madagascar, as our Bristol Zoo is experiencing soaring temperatures. The tiny baby lemur was an instant hit with staff and visitors (who have turned up in record numbers this month) as she clung closely to her proud mum.

It’s too early for Noah’s Ark zoo keepers to tell whether the baby is a boy or girl. But the other male lemurs, Rio and Rylee, are curious about this strange new bundle of fur and are sneaking surreptitious glances when mum looks the other way. Living next door to the endangered Siamang Gibbons; these larger primates have been intrigued by the fuss given to their stripy neighbours as staff and photographers show their interest in the lemur family.

Deputy Head zoo keeper, Sadie Garland, said: “After waiting expectantly we are delighted to announce the birth of a little lemur to proud mum and dad Roxie and Rio, their second baby together at Noah’s Ark. Both mum and baby are doing well and enjoying the warm sunshine which is gracing our zoo attractions this week!”

Lemurs are known as prosimians as they are more primitive than monkeys and apes. They have wet noses, long mobile tails and demonstrate great agility in trees when searching for food and avoiding predators. Lemurs are native to the island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa.

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