Around the world in 37 days

20th Aug 2018


This Summer we are taking a trip around the zooniverse and putting our amazing animals in the spotlight.

We started off the Summer Holidays with Asia week, taking a look at our Tigers, Siamang Gibbons, Camels, Chameleon and many more.

Did you know in 1963, the peacock was declared the National Bird of India because of its rich, religious and legendary involvement in Indian traditions? Or that Tigers are the largest wild cats in the world, adults can weigh up to 363kg! Or that Siamang Gibbons are the largest of the 17 Gibbon species?


International Tiger Day fell at the end of the week and we were again supporting Tiger Awareness. During this years Carnivore and Curry night we raised £190 for the charity.

From Asia to Australia the spotlight moved to our Emus, Wallabies, KuneKune Pig and a few other animals from down under.

Did you know the Bredl's Python is normally arboreal, which means it spends much of its time living in trees? Or that a Wallaby can actually pause its pregnancy? Shortly after fertilisation they can stop an embryo from developing. For example if the mother is not fit enough to provide enough nutrients for herself and the young, development of the embryo is paused until the conditions change, this increases the chances of survival.


We have so many African animals at the zoo, and they're some of the big zoo favourites, so we thought our African animals deserved a fortnight in the spotlight. This time our Lemurs, Rhinos, Lions, Giraffe and Elephants were the focus.

Did you know that while the rest of the meerkat mob forages for food, one of the meerkats, called a sentry, will find a high point, and perch on its back legs? From here it it checks for danger, if spotted it will let out a high-pitched warning call.


Africa fortnight kicked off with the biggest event of the year our African Carnival with a troupe of dancers, drummers and acrobats parading around the zoo to fundraise for Safina Lion Conservation Trust.

Another highlight of Africa fortnight was World Elephant Day which was extra special this year as we celebrated it with our newest arrival Shaka!


This week we're taking a trip to Europe to spotlight some animals closer to home including our Red Deer, Sheep, Goats, Horses and Barn Owl.

Come and join us at the zoo for some special encounters including a Bird of Prey meet and greet and an encounter with our Goats.

We're finishing off the Summer next week with our American animals. Come to the zoo from 27th August to get to know our Spectacled Bears, Capybara, Tapirs, Mara and Skunks.

Next week you can come and meet Toby and Tara in special Tapir encounters and enjoy a daily tour of the Reptile house to chat to our knowlegable keepers about our creepy crawlies.

We hope you've had as much fun this Summer as we have. Don't forget to fill and hand in your trail maps before you leave the zoo for your chance to win a Keeper Experience.

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