Africa Week!

22nd Aug 2017


To celebrate World Elephant Day on Saturday 12th August a troop of African dancers came stampeding through Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. The team from Unika Dance Events brought along acrobats, capoeira, drummers and some fantastic african animal outfits! As well as the carnival parades we had fundrasing crafts, dance and drum tutorials, face and body painting and an animal keeper tug of war over the Elephant Wallow!


Following on from World Elephant Day, Africa Week took centre stage. Each day the spotlight was placed on a different African species with special experiences, talks, crafts and enrichment activities.

The keepers chose a different chairty to support each day, starting on World Elephant Day supporting the Elephants and Bees Project. The Elephants and Bees Project is an innovative study using an in-depth understanding of elephant behavior to reduce damage from crop-raiding elephants using their instinctive avoidance of African honey bees. The project explores the use of novel Beehive Fences as a natural elephant deterrent creating a social and economic boost to poverty-stricken rural communities through pollination services and the sustainable harvesting of “Elephant-Friendly Honey”. Following on from this we spotlighted:

A.E.E.C.L. on Meerkat & Madagascar Monday 

Helping Rhinos on Rhino Tuesday 

VulPro on White-Headed Vulture Wednesday 

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation on Girathursday

The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Truston Scales, Spikes and Feathers Friday

The Safina Lion Conservation Fund on Lazy Lion Saturday

Overall the week was a great success and we raised £907 for our various charities!!

Maze Drone 1

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