Adorable Highland calf born

16th Nov 2022

Highland Calf Bonnie, Noah's Ark Zoo Farm Doug Evens

Just in time for the end of Summer, a Highland calf has been born to ecstatic Keepers at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm for the first time in 5 years.

Keepers came into work to a wonderful surprise of a newly born Highland cow calf. One week old, Bonnie, born last Thursday, joins mum, 3-year-old Agnes and 12-year-old Dorothy.

“Highland cow calves are the cutest thing. We were so happy to see Bonnie and she’s already very confident and inquisitive.” Said Keeper Eleanor Steeds

One Week Old Highland Calf Bonnie, Noah's Ark Zoo Farm Doug Evens

“This is the first birth for Agnes, so she needed a little help at first but is already proving to be a great mum. For now, she will continue to stay with her mum, Agnes and we’ll be keeping a close eye on how she gets on.” she continued.

Bearing a distinctive black fluffy coat, she is already a favourite at the zoo. Bonnie, a name of Scottish origin, meaning beautiful and she lives up to the name. Calves are usually fully grown by 2 years old with their horns coming through within the first year. Highland cattle can have varying hair colours from white, red and yellow to black, brown and grey.

Highland cows originate from mountainous areas of Scotland and are one of the oldest cattle breeds. They are known for their long, wavy coats that keep them warm in cold winters and prominent horns that Bonnie is yet to grow into.

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