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    World Elephant Day 2022

    28th Nov 2022

    Noah's Ark Zoo Farm Celebrates World Elephant Day

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    World Lion Day 2022

    2nd Nov 2022

    The Team at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Celebrate All Things Lion

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    A Grand Unveiling of Brizzle-phant

    1st Sep 2022

    A specially commissioned, hand-painted elephant sculpture known as Brizzle-phant was unveiled at the launch event of the UK’s only Elephant Parade® in 2022, taking place at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

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    World Teacher's Day 2022

    18th May 2022

    Celebrating Our Amazing Education Team on World Teacher’s Day!

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    International Primate Day 2022

    13th Apr 2022

    Noah's Ark Zoo Farm Celebrates International Primate Day

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