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Zoo News

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    Lion Cubs Born at the Zoo

    10th Sep 2018

    Our African Lion family is expanding with some exciting new additons to the lion pride. Come and visit our baby lions at the zoo.

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    Springtime Surprises

    27th Mar 2018

    It’s the start of spring in Bristol and the zoo animals have a couple surprises for visitors. Bring your family to the zoo to meet our expanding animal families.

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    Easter at the Zoo

    18th Mar 2018

    This Easter holiday Noah's Ark Zoo Farm is getting eggstravagant. What better place for a day out with the kids than one with goats, lambs, chicks and easter eggs.

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    Look at me now!

    5th Sep 2017

    Find out how our newest arrivals are getting on.

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    Gus update

    6th Jun 2017

    Gus is growing up fast!

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