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    2018, what a year it's been

    25th Nov 2018

    What a year 2018 has been at the zoo! We've been having a look at some of our favourite moments.

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    The names are in!

    19th Nov 2018

    Thanks to everyone who suggested names for our two little lion cubs, the votes are in and we'd like to introduce you to...

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    It's a boy... or two

    10th Nov 2018

    The verdict's in! Our two little African Lion cubs are boys and we need your help naming them.

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    Baby Animal Update

    27th Sep 2018

    It's been baby season with our African animals at the zoo. All of our animal familes are expanding with baby Ostriches, a baby Zebra and baby Lion cubs.

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    Zebra foal born at the zoo

    26th Sep 2018

    A little additonal to our Zebra family was born in the early hours of the morning. Come and meet our baby Zebra just outside of Bristol.

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