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    Keeping Visitors and Animals Cool

    15th Sep 2022

    As the UK heatwave is expected to hit peak temperatures we are working to keep humans and animals cool!

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    Elephants Explore Willow Plantation

    18th May 2022

    Shaka and Janu recently ventured out into their home-grown willow plantation within their enclosure

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    Elephants & rhinos branch out with recycled Christmas trees

    23rd Feb 2022

    Big zoo animals and staff alike are delighted to be met with huge number of donated Christmas trees.

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    Specatacled Bear photo featured in Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition

    12th Jan 2022

    A photo of a Spectacled Bear has featured in the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition

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    Pumpkin Fest is back!

    20th Sep 2021

    Pumpkins grown from elephant poo, pick your own pumpkin & a pumpkin trail!

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