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    New arrivals at the zoo!

    2nd Feb 2023

    Celebrating February half term and new zoo arrivals

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    Happy World Rhino Day!

    18th Jan 2023

    Join us as we celebrate World Rhino day and learn how we can all play a part in ensuring a brighter future for rhinos!

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    Smashing Treats for Elephants in the Forest Plantation

    7th Jan 2023

    Pumpkin treats have been given to Shaka, the 31 year old African elephant, to squash, chomp and chew.

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    Pumpkinfest is in Full Swing

    4th Jan 2023

    Pumpkinfest is back for 2022 with more Pumpkins than ever before!

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    World Rhino Day 2022

    2nd Jan 2023

    A Day to Celebrate All Things Rhinoceros!

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