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Zoo News

  1. Spring Ducks

    Unlikely Friends

    19th Mar 2012

    Fluffy golden runner ducks had no sooner been born at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm than they made an equally golden friend.

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  2. 1495641176 542674

    RIP Tanvir the Tiger

    5th Mar 2012

    It has been a sad week at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm after Tanvir the Tiger lost a long battle with digestive illness.

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  3. 1495639150 632448

    We Bought a Zoo

    7th Nov 2011

    Jerry Maguire, has now turned his hand to a love story about a man who buys who buys a zoo.

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  4. 1495639241 258699

    Pumpkin Maddness

    31st Oct 2011

    The zoo animals get into the spooky spirit.

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  5. 1495639258 47769

    An Unusual Friendship

    28th Oct 2011

    The saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’ was disproved this week

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