White Headed Vulture

White-Headed Vulture

Scientific name: Trigonoceps occipitalis


The White-headed vulture gets its name from the downy, white feathers on its head. It has a strong bill, capable of tearing flesh and curved talons to grasp and pierce prey. Their large, broad wings can carry them for hours as they search for food.

Critically Endangered (Inc. Bar)
  1. We live...

    Next to the Eagle enclosure, opposite the Viva South America enclosure.

  1. Size Fact

    White-headed vulture’s wings span over 2 metres!

  2. Food Fact

    White-headed vultures fly low and are often the first animals to feast on a carcass. Vultures are important to the eco system as they dispose of dead animals that could be a cause of disease.

  3. Fun Fact

    White-headed vulture chicks are completely white when they hatch.

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