Grant's Zebra 1

Grant's Zebra

Scientific name: Equus quagga boehmi


Our zebra are one of the distinctive animals in the zoo, due to their stripey coats. These patterns are unique to each zebra, almost like a fingerprint, so can be used to identify individual animals. Grant's zebra are the smallest subspecies of the Plains Zebra. 

Zebras are sociable creatures and will travel in large herds, grazing on grass, protecting each other and even giving each other a wash and a tidy-up! There are four species of zebra: Plains, Cape Mountain, Hartmann’s and Grevy’s. The Grant’s zebra is a sub species of the Plains zebra.

Least Concern (Inc. Bar)
  1. At Noah's Ark...

    We have Zebedee, Nola, Polly, Azizi and Suzan

  2. We live...

    live on the same field as the giraffe. Their stable is attached to the side of the giraffe house.

  1. Size Fact

    The Grants zebra are one of the smallest species, so they only get up to about 250- 300kg.

  2. Food Fact

    Zebras eat a wide variety of different grasses, leaves and young trees. As a result, they can range more widely than many other species, often venturing into woodlands. They are considered to be “pioneer grazers”.

  3. Fun Fact

    No two zebras have the same stripes.

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