Aldabra Giant Tortoise

Aldabra Tortoise

Scientific name: Geochelone gigantea

Aldabra Tortoises can weigh up to 250kg and reach ages of up to 150 years old. They are native to Aldabra Island, northeast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

 These tortoises have been known to knock over small trees and shrubs to obtain nutritious leaves. Seeds pass through the tortoise's digestive tract and eventually become food for many other species.

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  1. At Noah's Ark...

    We have 6 Aldabra Tortoises, Hogarth, Terrence, Blue, Hissy, Stevie and Esmerelda.

  2. We live...

    Opposite the Elephant paddock next to the Vulture enclosure.

  1. Size Fact

    The Aldabra tortoise is one of the world’s largest tortoises, with some specimens exceeding 1.5 metres.

  2. Food Fact

    Tortoises are herbivores, eating Grasses, Sedges, Flowers, Succulents, and Fruits.

  3. Fun Fact

    Some individuals are known to have lived longer than 150 years!

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