Pygmy Goat

African Pygmy Goat

Scientific name: Capra aegagrus hircus


African pygmy goats are a small domestic breed of goat. They are social animals and live in herds. Like other goats they are great climbers and love to jump on rocks and logs. These goats are mainly black, white, grey and brown in colour. Pygymy Goats are also very smart and curious.

Least Concern (Inc. Bar)
  1. We live...

    In the Africa section of the zoo, surrounded by the Giraffe and Zebra.

  1. Size Fact

    A male goat weighs about 27-39kg and females weigh around 24-34kg.

  2. Food Fact

    These goats can produce a huge amount of milk, compared to their body size. One doe can produce about 2 Litres of milk daily, during their lactation period.

  3. Fun Fact

    Male African pygmy goats are called billys, females are called nannys and babies are called kids.

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