Noah's Ark Exhibition

Noah's Ark Exhibition

This is a faith exhibit

If you visit the zoo you'll find a model replica of the biblical Ark in our Ark Exhibition Room located just off the courtyard opposite our Farm Shop. As the name of our park suggests, we’re themed on the story of Noah and the Ark and we have some resources onsite which explore the idea that a boat built by a man inspired by God was constructed to protect and conserve creatures from an early flooded world.

Was it just a story or is there evidence for a real event? You can make up your own mind from the information boards and take a look at the impressive scale model vessel.

The model Ark took a thousand hours to build. It is built in scale with the dimensions in Genesis, a full size vessel would have been huge. To verify whether a timber-built vessel of this size could really float we asked Professor Andrews of the London School of Naval Architecture to allow a student to do a research project on it. He agreed. Thomas Grafton studied the Ark as part of his degree course and showed that it most certainly would have floated. In his review of the project, Charles Betts, chief naval architect for the British Navy, considered that the Ark would have been able to withstand a force-12 gale.

Not as many animals would have needed to be on board the Ark as is often assumed. God may have originally made only a few dozen different kinds of land animal, plus a similar number of birds and insects. The great number of species we see around us today would be the result of diversity increasing over time.

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