Baby Giraffe Born

Our 4 week old giraffe calf has been named by our visitors as Gilbert following a public vote on Facebook.

Gilbert was born on Monday afternoon, 23rd September 2019, under close observation by the keepers in the privacy of the Giraffe House. 11 -year-old Genny, an experienced mother had a successful pregnancy, with first time father Kito, overlooking the birth.

Genny showed signs of early labour on the morning of the 23rd September, her waters then broke in the afternoon. Giraffes give birth whilst standing up so the newborn calf enters the world from a height of around 6ft! They are born front feet first and after the calf has arrived the mother cleans the new born. Gilbert, was up on his feet within an hour of his birth taking his first steps.

5-year-old, Kito arrived at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in 2018, from Dudley Zoo, where he has become a firm favourite with staff and visitors because of his silly ways and charm. Dudley Zoo have had a baby of their own recently. A little baby girl, recently named Kira,  who happens to be the auntie to Gilbert. Kito’s new half sisterwas born the day before Gilbert and is currently enjoying her new surroundings with her Mum, Josie, and Kito’s Dad, Kubwa.

Giraffes are a protected species, classified as ‘Vulnerable’ by the IUCN Red List, under more threat than many people realise. Wild populations are suffering from a continuing decline, with 111,500 remaining. Since 1985, the total giraffe population has fallen by 30%. Staff at Noah’s Ark help to raise awareness and funds for the plight of wild giraffes, this year the team raised over £1000 for their conservation. So far, little Gilbert is happy spending his days getting used to his new enclosure, his keepers and neighbours. He is currently content with running around, spending time with mum and dad and sleeping in a bundle of hay.

The public can visit Gilbert in the Giraffe house at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm and find out more about him from the experienced keepers at the daily Giraffe Talk. 

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