Prairie Dog

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs


Black-tailed Prairie Dogs

Scientific Name

Cynomys ludovicianus


Prairie Dogs are small mammals and members of the rodent family. They live in large family groups in underground burrows. Group members will great each other with a 'kiss' or 'nuzzle'. During the day, they feed on grass, roots and seeds above ground and at night they sleep inside the safety of their burrows. They communicate with each other with loud cries and will use warning calls to let the group know when danger is near.


Prairie Dogs are herbivores eating a diet of grass, roots and seeds.

Size Fact

Adults can weigh between 0.68 to 1.36 kg.

Food Fact

More than 70% of their diet is made up of grasses.

Fun Fact

A group of Prairie Dogs is called a town.

IUCN Red list

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs are classed as least concern. However, several species such as the Utah Prairie Dog and the Mexican Prairie Dog are endangered.

Where do I live?

Black-tailed Prairie Dogs are native to Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Our animals

You can find our town of Prairie Dogs at the bottom of Rhino Hill.





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