Scientific Name

Anser Cygnoides (Chinese goose)

Branta Canadensis (Canada goose)


Geese are waterfowl and are part of the Anatidae family.

The female is usually referred to as a goose and the male is called a gander. Young geese are called goslings. A group of geese is called a gaggle!

The Chinese goose comes in two colour forms: the white and the brown (the brown is also referred to as ‘fawn’ or ‘grey’ Chinese goose). The Chinese goose has a distinct basal knob on the top of its beak. It is known for being loud and territorial; they can therefore make excellent ‘guard dogs’!

The Canada goose has a brown body, a black and white face and a black neck. These geese are known for the incredible migration journey that most complete every year. Canada geese are known to fly over 2000 miles in pursuit of warmer climes during the winter months.


Geese are herbivores. They mostly eat grass and other plants. At Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, we also feed them corn.

Size Fact

Geese come in all shapes and sizes! Some species of geese can weight up to 14kg.

Food Fact

Geese are notoriously picky eaters!

Fun Fact

Geese are very dedicated partners and will mourn the loss of a mate.

IUCN Red list

The Canada goose and the domestic Chinese goose are classified as ‘least concern’ by the IUCN Red List.

Where do I live?

Canada geese are native to North America.

Chinese geese are native to Asia.

Our animals

At Noah’s Ark Zoo farm, we have 2 species of goose: the Chinese goose and the Canada goose.

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